Worry Breeds Worry

I have noticed that the more I worry, the more I worry which then creates a fresh new thinking road in my brain waiting to be filled with traffic worry.

Not only does worry feel heavy and tiring, it is dangerous for our karma.  If we don’t want it to become a habit then try the following:

  1. Know what it is that is scaring you so much and say it out aloud.
  2. Take some perspective and re frame the worry so you are being ind to yourself.
  3. Problem solve if it is a problem that can be solved otherwise get busy
  4. Do something that you don’t normally do like go for a run, rearrange one of the bedrooms, listen to a speech by Michelle Obama
  5. Allocate a certain amount of time at a certain point in the day for worrying and stick to the designated time by using a timer.

~ SM

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