Reducing Parenthood Stress

It’s so easy to reflect negatively on the job you are doing as a parent and before you know it the enjoyment of being a mother can be lost. Thankfully I found a great resource in Jackie Hall, author of The Happy Mum Handbook who has taught me that no matter what journey I take as a parent, it is not a reflection of my self worth. Hall explains that our thoughts can come from a belief system that is formed between 0 and 7 years old. For example; “My mum breastfed quite easily but I haven’t found it to be easy at all. What is wrong with me?” or “My mum raised three children while my dad was working three jobs and she managed quite fine – I only have two children and I’m finding this hard. What is wrong with me?”

I have learnt to be mindful of my belief system that was formed when I was a child and not to go down the road of unhelpful thoughts.  Instead I am training my mind to think about reality and the choices I have each day.

~ SM