Another Way to Respond to Your Child’s Nerves

Here is another way to respond to your children’s nerves… I wrote it as a follow up to my original nervousness blog.  I wanted to share it because the conversations I’ve been having with my five year old about feelings are paying off.  He seems much more confident about difficult tasks and reassures himself quickly.  This makes my life easier as we can get out the door quicker, solve our little problems quicker and he can get on with it (just like I’d wanted).

To recap:

  • See the moment as important (a golden moment) and talk about the feeling when it comes rather than dismissing it
  • Acknowledge that it is nerves and not your child being a wuss
  • Reassure that nerves are just another feeling and that they won’t last forever
  • Remember a time when you were nervous and share it
  • And… do all of this when you can be bothered and not when you can’t!

~ SM