How to Increase your Well Being

How to Increase Your Well being

Why did I research this?

Keeping my pens, pencils and art journal out on the kitchen table each day has improved my happiness significantly as it distracts me from the intense negative emotions that come flying in and out from my children. But since Christmas has come and gone, my Christmas lights are falling down and I’ve become lost in the left over tinsel and lindt balls, how do I remember to make sure I am happy amongst the chaos?

What did I find?

Seligman, director of the Positive Psychology Centre in Pennsylvania has spent much of his life researching the ingredients to happiness and more recently, well being. His summary looks like this:


P Positive Emotion

E Engagement

R Relationships

M Meaning

A Accomplishment

In a nutshell, it looks like this:

  1. Feel good somehow every day   (e.g. Exercise, stretching, music, drawing)
  2. Be present for this happiness (e.g. Practice feeling the good/being present)
  3. Connect with healthy minded peeps (e.g. Family, friends and others)
  4. Live by your values and do something meaningful (e.g. Pick up rubbish, be kind)
  5. Set goals and accomplish them (e.g. plant seeds today)

Why should you do this?

Well being is growth for you and your relationships. Through Seligman’s positive psychology research, he has found that cultivating those positive emotions makes it easier to experience them naturally. This means that you can train your brain to experience happy feelings more regularly and more intensely when you practice being present for them each day.

My life is fantastic but sometimes those high emotion dramas from my children can feel like there is more negative than positive in the air so it is my 2015 goal to achieve well being daily by pinning this article on my fridge. (I seem to go to my fridge more than anything else all day).

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