We are going through a phase where my four year old seems to be scared of everything and I feel like saying “get over it” but know this will not really help matters.  How do I respond about fear I wonder?  As soon as we see a dog, he jumps up into my arms telling me how scared he is.  The research tells me to talk about joining ‘puzzle pieces’ together so that there is a story behind his fear.  This will help him remember, process and acknowledge why he is scared and then be able to move past it.  I have since done so, remembering and retelling my son about the times when he got bowled over by dogs and the one occasion when his ear got clawed from an over-excited labrador.

I’m glad to say that my son now mixes it with the local dogs, throwing them sticks to fetch and telling me how he doesn’t feel so scared anymore.  I will do the same with my two year old who is scared of the wind!

~ SM