From Greed to Gratitude

Birthdays have come and gone and family and friends have been generous but aside from me harping on about being grateful and content, I’m wondering what else can be done about teaching contentment and gratitude in a world full of material objects.

What did I find out?

  1. consider my own contentment and how often I demonstrate it.
  2. Teach the difference between wants and needs without dismissing wants.  This does not mean saying yes to everything but acknowledging wants.
  3. Teach the messages and truth behind advertising
  4. Ensuring chores are expected regularly and there is accountability when they are not done.  This could be removal of privileges like weekend TV or an early bedtime.
  5. Find someone to help and allow your children to help others too.  Helping others feels good and shows just how much we do have.
  6. Teach what it feels like to have enough and be content.  “You feel full huh?” “We can have fun with what we have.  Just watch me”
  7. Set limits
  8. Hold off on yes too often
  9. Showing how to say sorry or make amends when they have hurt someone
  10. Letting them experience a moderate amount of disappointment and frustration

How is this useful?

Learning how to be grateful helps one to feel content and satisfies.  Satisfied people can help others more and enjoy this wondrous world.