Creativity and Success

Creativity is a greater indicator of success than IQ.

Sometimes I get an urge to enrol my four year old and 1.5 year old in organised activities such as; gymnastics, music, ballet or karate. Perhaps I may be feeling bored but nevertheless, when I read lines like this one, I remember that there will be plenty of time for the after school activities and that now is the perfect time for my children to have freedom, time to play, explore, feel bored, do something about their boredom, fail and get over their failures.

Why should you promote creativity in your home?

Sir Ken Robinson says, “Creativity is the crucial 21st century skill we’ll need to solve today’s pressing problems”. (2009).

Because creativity is a process and not a single event, it involves critical thinking, imaginative insights and fresh ideas. Allowing and promoting creativity will help your child discover his hidden talents and take advantage of them. It will also help your child solve his life’s problems.

You can encourage creativity by letting your child be imaginative, have lots of time for play, be independent in his thinking and by feeding his curiosity. (Hirsh – Pasek & Michinick Golinkoff, 2003).

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~ SM