You aren’t the only one

I met up with a friend last week that has had her first baby. I was feeling content and relaxed as my five year old had started school the week earlier and I only had my two year old to cater for. When I stepped into her clean and tidy home, I was greeted joyfully when I heard her son’s beautiful baby cry and saw him squirming in his bouncer. Of course I thought “how sweet” while she was probably thinking “Not this noise again. Why won’t you sleep!?” and then I remembered just how mundane it can all feel, being at home alone with a new person that is your sole responsibility to train and grow. Yes, precious moments but also boring moments.

I wrote this visual blog as a shout out to mothers so that they feel acknowledged about just how boring it can be at home, regardless of the amount of tasks to be completed.  I get you – crying, settling, vomiting, cleaning, washing, chopping vegetables, monitoring and taking care of your boobs is not all that exciting after a while. You are desperate to hear about your partner’s day, what your friends are up to and when your baby will become more independent.   Now that I look back, I can see that being stripped of sleep, sex and normality in the beginning of motherhood is the start of a journey that allows you to recreate yourself.  Something you couldn’t do if you were feeling normal and content in your everyday life.  So go on, get creating, (one step at a time).

~ SM