Where tired parents learn non standard parenting ways to
raise creative and connected children.


Sarah and Teo on chair bus

Hello, I’m Sarah Martin, maker of brainbutter.

I love toast with loads of butter, silvery green plants, learning and progress.

Frustrated that I couldn’t get answers to my everyday parenting qualms without being interrupted or falling asleep, I decided to turn the research I was reading into one page visual articles so that I had a quick reference to redirect myself to as well as some drawing to get on with mid the everyday monotony. Researching and drawing articles has saved me from finding more lost lego pants, watching more circus tricks and preparing more morning tea when it was no longer morning tea time.

As happiness comes from feeling connected to people and nature much of my researched one pagers are about how to teach empathy, tolerance, persistence and creative thinking to children. I learn from those that have devoted chunks of their lives to the research and growth of human beings – experts that are fulfilled by their work. (Thank you!)

Now you can read, print and be reminded of other ways to respond to your critters without feeling OTT and battling the books at the end of a very long day. 

~ SM

Brainbutter is not about perfecting parenting.
It’s about;


so that you have enough energy to show your children
that you love them.


to feel safe, secure, validated and ready for learning essential life skills – priming them for ups and downs.

reap-icon-2Sowing and Reaping

sowing and reaping a human being that feels satisfied, fulfilled and connected to this wondrous world.




Brain Butters Vision

Being creative is enriching. We want you to feel relieved, empowered and less stressed as a parent so that you can be creative and we want your children to have creative skills that will make this world better. We plan to do this through:



Artworks for you.

Artworks that hang nicely in your kitchen, that look good and remind you and your kids about life’s values.



Ones that are fun, funny, combine senses (multisensory) and satisfy all types of sensory seekers and avoiders.

Solutions to solve the problem of inefficient and unattractive learning!


We want this because:

Creative people are fulfilled people.   Satisfied and fulfilled people contribute to the happiness of their families and communities.